Graduation Ceremony and Alumni Workshop

Congratulations to our new graduates & Welcome back to our alumnus!!!

The Graduate School is delighted to welcome you back to OIST and to be able to celebrate an important and brilliant day in your life together. We would like to proceed arrangements for your attendance for Graduation Ceremony and Alumni Workshop.

Please read through below information carefully and follow the instructions for smooth arrangements. Thank you in advance for your kind cooperation. We are looking forward to seeing you at OIST soon.

  • All the participants who are coming from outside of Okinawa needs to take PCR test within 72 hours before entering to Okinawa and OIST facilities including Seaside House. Please send a copy of your negative PCR result (for those who goes through the quarantine at the airport, what the Japanese government provides you will be fine) to Kozue Higashionna ( for the permission before flying into Okinawa.

Travel arrangement flow

Schedule at OIST

This is only a sample, full week version of Alumni Workshop schedule. The length of the schedule can be shorter than this. Let us know your plan by answering the survey and we will make an individual schedule in accordance with your plan. Please kindly be informed that you are required to have at least one business/day at OIST while you are staying with us.

We will update the event/progam information here.


Travel bursaries

OIST only provides you a half of a round trip ticket cost up to the ceiling set below. You are expected to purchase your own ticket and submit documents for reimbursement. Please read following information carefully to understand the rules and procedures for your smooth reimbursement.

Your travel schedule can be flexible as long as you participate the programs scheduled by Yuuki Guzman and Puca Aya. You can take private stay before/after the event as long as it's reasonable. We need to know the entire period of your travel as a gurantor of your visit to Japan and for the reimbursement process. Please submit your itinerary after you purchase your ticket for our record.

Please be noted that OIST won't cover any costs for cancellation/change fee due to personal reasons.

What we can reimbursed?

Half the amount of a round air ticket up to fixed ceiling amount by the regions as follows.


*Air tickets to be reimbursed should be the most economical, simple economy class(es).

*If you use LCC

  • Please use the standard plan for air tickets only, without any accompanying services.
  • Please do not use package plans other than the standard plan, as they may include refunds for points or food and beverage costs. However, one checked baggage (up to 20kg) and a fee for seat selection is allowed.
  • Fees equivalent to upgrades and expenses for eating and drinking are not reimbursable.
Terms of reimbursement
(1) Travelers will purchase air tickets by themselves.
(2) Itinerary should start from the nearest airport to the traveler’s home, to Naha airport.
(3) Travelers who receive travel bursary from OIST will get reimbursed the amount as stipulated above.
(4) Travelers needs to submit the itenerary, the original receipts and the inbound air tickets for flight as evidence, which are mandatory for the reimbursement, to Student Affairs Section at the GS counter.
What you need to submit to Student Affairs Section

If required documents are not submitted, a reimbursement of the flight ticket by OIST will not be possible.

(1) Original purchase receipt with date of issue
(2) All itinerary
(3) All original used boarding passes from all incoming flights from home airport to Okinawa
(4) Filled out Guest Registration Form ( sent to you via email)

Japanese Border Measures

Most updated information on Japanese Border Measures can be found at following website.

Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare:

Please read through the page and follow the instruction one by one. Many OISTers has been denied on board due to wrong PCR certificate format/contents, lack of required documents, missing the required information, etc. So please prepare ahead and satisfy the requirements.

Please be noted that if you cannot on board due to lack of your preparation on above required documents and installation of application, etc. that required by Japanese Government, OIST won't be able to reimburse your flight.

PCR Test

By OIST rules,
  • Participants who are coming from outside of Okinawa need to take PCR test within 72 hours before departure.
  • Participants who live outside of OIST but in Okinawa also need to take PCR test within 72 hours before entering OIST facilities including seaside house and attending a ceremony. If this is the case, please contact Student Affairs Section.

Please send a proof of “Negative” PCR test result to Kozue Higashionna ( prior to your arrival in Okinawa.

Please be informed that, without the proof of the "Negative" PCR test result, OIST won't be able to let you into any of OIST facilities including Seaside House.

Also please follow the OIST COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines.


We provide Seaside House accommodation to all participants for free of charge between May 15th to May 29th. For the participant’s family or partner, we will make reservation on their behalf if there is any availability in Seaside House. In that case, it will be “first come, first serve” bases. Please let us know if you like to book Seaside House for your accompany person(s) by filling the details in above survey.

[Accommodation Fee]

Payment must be made by cash in Japanese yen only. Credit cards are not accepted.

First night:5,000JPY

Second and subsequent nights:2,500JPY

*Room cleaning must be scheduled every three days for maintaining good condition of room and furniture. 1,000JPY fee will be charged each time.

OIST ID card and shuttle bus pass

[Graduates and Alumnus who are staying at Seaside House] We put your ID card and shutttle bus pass in your room. Before you leave, please return it to the security guard at OIST entrance hall or Seaside House.

[Graduates who are not staying seaside house] Please let us know if you need OIST shuttle bus pass in advance so we can issue it for you. When you enter OIST, please get your ID card (and shuttle bus pass) at OIST entrance hall. Before you leave, please return to the security guard at OIST entrance hall.

Please do not forget to return the ID card and Shuttle Bus Pass to security guard or GS staff.We will ask you to return or cover the cost of the cards if you take them home.




Travel & accommodation arrangements: Graduate School Travel

The Graduation Ceremony: GS Graduation ceremony organizer

Emergency: OIST Help Line 098-966-8989 for immediate assistance.