OIST NetCafé Online Information Session in May 2024


Tuesday, May 21, 2024 - 10:00




This session will be held in English. The program will start off with OIST general introduction, PhD & Research Internship admission process, financial support and student life followed by a panel discussion by a OIST alumna and a PhD student.


Sarah Soeda (OIST Alumna, Computational Neuroscience Unit)

Sarah grew up in the United States. She took her B.S. degree in Biology from Georgia Tech, and a master’s in Developmental Medical Sciences from the University of Tokyo. At OIST she studied about biochemical pathways involving synaptic plasticity and memory in the Computational Neuroscience Unit. During her studies, she did an internship at start-up company Ridge-I in Tokyo. She later joined this company after completing her Ph.D. degree and transferred her research skills towards an industrial position. She works on different AI projects such as image recognition and large language model applications. Besides work, she enjoys aerial yoga, traveling, and experimenting with new cooking recipes she finds.

Nico Wibisana (PhD student at the Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit)

Nico, originally from Indonesia, pursued both his undergraduate and master's degrees at Osaka University, where he focused on the gene regulation of immune cell activation through computational and experimental approaches. Later at OIST, Nico had the opportunity to be involved in paleobiology research projects before joining the Genomics and Regulatory Systems Unit under Professor Nicholas Luscombe in 2023. Currently, he is investigating the epigenetic landscape of the cryptic plankton Oikopleura dioica using next-generation sequencing data. In his free time, Nico enjoys scuba diving and fishing around the island.

Targeted Audience

Anyone interested in PhD and Research Internship at OIST

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