OIST NetCafé Online Information Session in Oct 2023


Friday, October 27, 2023 - 16:00


The program will start off with OIST general introduction, PhD & Research Internship admission process, financial support and student life followed by the panel discussion by 2 OIST PhD students.


Lilian Magnus (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2020)

Lilian was born in Germany and after completing High School in Belgium, she moved to England to pursue her undergraduate degree (Biological Sciences) and Masters degree (Cellular and Molecular Biology) at Imperial College London. There, her research focused on cellular biology. After coming to OIST in January 2021, she switched fields slightly and joined the Laurino Unit of Protein Engineering and Evolution. Her PhD project focuses on cofactor binding specificity in Rossmann fold enzymes. Outside of the Phd, she enjoys going to the Okinawan beaches and traveling across Japan!

Dyon van Dinter (OIST PhD Student, Year of 2021)

Dyon was born and grew up in Spijkenisse, The Netherlands. He received his B.S. degree (Physics) and M.S. degree (Experimental Physics) at Leiden University in the Netherlands. During his master’s degree, he conducted multiple internships in Japan and Australia. His projects and academic interests are mainly focused on topological condensed matter physics. He joined the Quantum Materials Science Unit (PI: Yoshinori Okada) in January 2023 and has started studying topological superconductivity in iron-based superconductors. In his free time, he thoroughly enjoys playing football with OIST F.C. and engaging in volunteer activities with HelpOki

Targeted Audiences

Anyone interested in PhD and Research Internship at OIST

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