OIST Café in Osaka ~ Academic English Presentation Skills for Science Students & Career Talk by Group Leader of OIST Open Biology ~


Saturday, August 10, 2013 - 13:30


For young scientists who spread their wings around the world

OIST Café in Osaka

~ Academic English Presentation Skills for Science Students & Career Talk by Group Leader of OIST Open Biology ~

In this OIST café, we will focus on Academic English Presentation for scientists. The seminar will be presented by OIST English instructor, Kevin Hunt. You can learn how to structure an English presentation, useful expressions for academic presentations, and effective use of visual aids. 

In the career talk, a group leader of OIST Open Biology unit, Dr. Yoshiyuki Asai, will tell a story about his research and career path. He has developed a new software platform, PhysioDesigner, to assist those who want to create physiological models.  Dr. Asai was presented with an award by the Society of Instrument and Control Engineers (SICE) in late August 2012. Before he joined OIST, he was a chief developer in Osaka University working on a project called insilicoIDE, which was a prior model to PhysioDesigner. He will also talk about his path from a chief developer of Osaka University to a group leader in a research unit of a brand-new graduate university in Okinawa. 

We look forward to seeing many of you who are pursuing a global career in science or who are interested in this emerging field of systems biology and systems physiology!


OIST Café Schedule

13 : 30 - 15 : 00    Academic English Presentation skills for Scientists (Kevin Hunt, OIST English Instructor)
15 : 10 - 16 : 00    Career & Research Talk
             (Dr. Asai of the Open Biology Unit at OIST)
16 : 10 - 16 : 30    Introduction to the OIST PhD Program
             (Dr. Harry Wilson, Manager of Academic Service Section at OIST)
16 : 30 - 17 : 10    Mixer Event – OIST Admissions, reserch at OIST, International Career,  , etc.

Date and Venue


Date:Saturday, August 10th 2013 
Venue:Osaka Science and Technology Center, Room 601
Address:〒550-0004 Utsubo-Honmachi 1-chome 8-4, Nishi-ku, Osaka
[Yotsuhashi line] 5 min walk from Exit 28 of Honmachi station
[Midosuji line] 8min walk from Exit 2 of Honmachi station

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*For the convenience of capacity of the venue, 20 participants will be offered seats on a first come, first serve basis.


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