How to deal with stress and anxiety - Teatime and discussion session


Thursday, November 24, 2016 - 16:00


OIST Cafeteria, Level B


Many situations in a research environment can cause a large amount of stress and impact our daily lives. Some of us are able to deal with it easily, others have a harder time doing so.
What if there was a place where you could freely discuss about stressful situations and at the same time get some useful tips and tricks, as well as provide insight from your own experience?
Do you really know all that OIST has to offer to help you in dealing with stress and anxiety in the workplace and in private life?
That is what we had in mind when we decided to organize the Teatime this week!
Come to the OIST cafeteria, Level B at 4 pm on Thursday, November 24 to discuss with your colleagues and get insightful tips and tricks on how to deal with stress and anxiety in both the workplace and at home!
There will be many clubs showing off their craft and talents, as a way to reduce stress and make you feel generally happier at work. You’ll definitely find something you will love!
Ganjuu will also be present to answer your question and give advices!
All this while enjoying free coffee, tea and snacks!



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