Graduate School Mini Course: Filmmaking for Everyone (Session 1)


Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - 14:30


B700 (Lab 3)


With the advent of cell phones everyone has access to a camera.  Join and learn how to harness its full potential!

Andrew "Scotty" Scott has offered to teach the basics of Filmmaking in a documentary format, from pre-production to post-production, with hands-on experience on a video editor.

The mini course will consist of 3 sessions (Three hours each). At the end of the second session the students will be assigned homework (producing a 2-minute video). In the last session the videos will be reviewed, and a Q&A will follow.

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The program is as follows. Full details below.

Date Time Topic Lecturer
Wednesday, Dec 6th 14:30-17:30 Pre-production and production Scotty
Friday, Dec 8th 14:30-17:30 Post-Production Scotty
Wednesday, Dec 13th 14:30-17:30 Review of participants' videos' progress and Q&A Scotty

Day 1


  • Scripting – how to take your idea and give it some structure.
  • ​Intro to story structure and the Column Scripting technique
  • Storyboarding  


  • Introduction to cameras
  • Which camera do you use?
  • Picture Resolution and Bit Depth
  • Aperture, shutter speed and ISO
  • Shot Composition – Wide, mid and close ups.  
  • Shooting for editors – the 180 rule and “noddy” shots
  • Using a Tripod vs Handheld
  • Basic lighting
  • Multi camera shoots
  • Introduction to sound – how to record good sound, even with a phone
  • Putting it all together - shooting in the real world, shooting in the lab

Day 2


  • Organizing all your footage
  • Introduction to Editing
  • Assembly with the script
  • Hard cuts and transitions
  • When to put in your cut
  • Picture lock
  • Titles
  • Mixing sound – hard cuts vs fades
  • Hands-on – editing with DaVinci Resolve
  • Homework: 2 minute films

Day 3  

Reviewing 2 minute films  

  • Feedback
  • Q&A

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