[Seminar] Photo-induced dynamics of photo-devices-solar cell, photocatalysis, water splitting Prof. Kenji Katayama


Friday, January 11, 2019 - 15:00 to 16:00


C209, Centre Building


We have developed time-resolved measurement technique called transient grating (TG) technique, where the refractive index change is monitored due to the photo-induced changes of the photo-devices, such as dye-sensitized solar cells, photocatalysis and water splitting materials. Our technique gives information on the charge dynamics in a wide time range from femtosecond to second for a wide variety of materials. Recently, the method has been further extended for the time-resolved imaging technique to obtain the structure dependent charge dynamics (lifetime and mobility).  Also, various statistical data and image analyses have been utilized to obtain meaningful information from big data of spatio-temporal response.

1999 Research associate, The University of Tokyo, Sawada group (Photothermal spectroscopy)
2002 PhD., The University of Tokyo
2003 Postdoc, K. A. Nelson Group at MIT (Terahertz and acoustic spectroscopy)
2005 Postdoc, T. Kitamori Group at The Univ of Tokyo (Microfluidics)
2006 Associate professor at Chuo Univ
2011 Professor at Chuo Univ
Research interests: solar cell, photocatalysis, liquid crystal, active matter, time-resolved spectroscopy and microscopy

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