Kazuma Takada talked about "The Design and Scalability of Online Experiment Platform" in Young Perceptionists' Seminar 2022 (YPS2022).

Kazuma Takada gave a presentation on "The Design and Scalability of Online Experiment Platform" at Young Perceptionists' Seminar 2022 (YPS2022) held on August 21-22, 2022 in Japan.

The experimental platform he is implementing allows for an easy division (experiment design by researchers and development by engineers), speed to publish experiments, and accurate data collection. He aims to design a framework that goes beyond previous online experimental platforms, focusing on the dual perspectives of the researcher and the engineer.

He will release the platform after validating it with researchers and engineers to ensure its ease of use as a platform, and to reproduce results by analyzing data obtained from online experiments.

If anyone is interested in developing or using it, please contact us at k.takada@oist.jp.