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Special Topics

The course Special Topics will provide an opportunity for students to study topics concerning recent scientific breakthroughs, cutting edge research of topical interest, novel, state of the art technologies, and techniques not otherwise available, with leading international experts in those topics or technologies.  

This course option must be conducted in collaboration with a faculty member to provide internal academic oversight and guidance, and will follow common guidelines to ensure the required academic standards are maintained. 

Each Special Topics course will require the approval of the Dean before being offered.  

Students will be required to obtain the approval of the Academic Mentor or Thesis Supervisor before taking the course, and complete a defined piece of work as part of the course. 

The aim of the Special Topics category is to permit students to benefit from courses that are not usually available at OIST but that may be offered from time to time, for example by visiting part-time faculty, OIST scientific staff, or external professors
Course Content: 

Tutorial style under supervision of a faculty member.
As each topic will be a unique project with its own requirements, there is no fixed schedule.

A Special Topic will normally comprise a minimum of 15 hours class time.

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Written Project 100%
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