Seminar "Travelling waves in the pipe flow: a short ride on open questions" by Dr. Emanuele Gallorini


Friday, August 2, 2024 - 10:00 to 11:00


Center Bldg. B503



Dr. Emanuele Gallorini
Post Doctoral Researcher
Department of Aerospace Science and Technology
Politecnico di Milano



Flow control via pre-determined strategies as streamwise travelling waves of spanwise wall velocity effectively reduces drag and eventually produces a net power saving. Despite the global effect of control being nowadays well assessed, further questions concerning travelling waves remain open. In this seminar, we will address two of them. First, we will face the paramount topic of applying such control to real-life devices, discussing the effect of the control discretization on a pipe flow. Second, starting from our results, we will explore how travelling waves affect the transition on the pipe. 



Emanuele Gallorini is a Post Doctoral Researcher at the Department of Aerospace Science and Technology of Politecnico di Milano, where he obtained the MSc in 2019 and the PhD in 2024.

Emanuele's research focuses on fluid mechanics and its application to practical problems. During his PhD, he dealt with turbulence control and flow optimization. Recently, his interest extended to biological fluid dynamics, as he is currently working on high-fidelity simulations for nasal flow within the OpenNOSE project. 

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