[Seminar] Prof. Toshiyuki Gotoh "Computational Science for Cloud Turbulence"


Thursday, October 20, 2022 - 10:30 to 11:30





Toshiyuki Gotoh
Nagoya Institute of Technology

1983: Dr. Engi. Applied Phys. at Nagoya Univ. 
1986: Assistant Prof. Nagoya Inst. Tech.
2000: Prof. Graduate School of Engineering, Nagoya Inst. Tech.
2003: JSFM Fellow
2006-2007: Vice President, Nagoya Inst. Tech.
2017: APS Fellow


Computational Science for Cloud Turbulence


A brief introduction of turbulence is given in the first part. The Kolmogorov theory is explained and the results of large scale computer simulations are described. In the second part, studies on  cloud turbulence in terms of large scale computer simulation are explained. Evolution of the cloud droplets and the interaction between turbulence and droplets are examined from the view points of the droplet size distribution and the spectra of the kinetic energy, the variances of the temperature and water vapor fluctuations. 

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