[Seminar] Mr. Nicolo Scapin "Weakly compressible simulation of evaporating droplets"


Tuesday, February 15, 2022 - 16:30 to 17:30





Mr. Nicolo Scapin / KTH royal Institute of Technology


Weakly compressible simulation of evaporating droplets


Understanding droplet evaporation plays a crucial role in many contexts such as industrial applications (e.g., spray combustion, cooling towers), environmental flows (e.g., oceanic sprays and cloud formations), and the biomedical sector (e.g., spreading of infectious diseases). Numerical simulations are vital to advancing the scientific understanding of these flows, as they can complement experimental research and provide detailed physical insight and predictive capability. In this talk, I will first introduce a general mathematical framework able to describe evaporation in a weakly compressible formulation. The proposed methodology allows relaxing the assumption of constant thermophysical properties while effectively filtering the acoustics effects and the associated stringent numerical time-step restrictions. Next, I will present results from interface-resolved simulations of finite-size evaporating droplets in weakly compressible homogeneous shear turbulence, varying the droplet size and the strength of the surface tension forces. In particular, I will show that the ratio between the actual evaporation rate in turbulence and the one computed in stagnant conditions is always much higher than one for weakly deformable droplets, even at high temperatures. I will conclude by examining the correlation between the local evaporation rate and the local interfacial curvature, showing that there is a positive correlation between the two quantities only when evaporation is a convection-dominated regime.


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