[Seminar] Interactions between turbulence and particles


Monday, January 30, 2023 - 11:00 to 12:00


B503 (Ctr Bldg.)



Prof. Susumu Goto / Osaka University

1994, BSc, Kyoto University
​1999, Ph.D., Graduate University for Advanced Studies
1999, Research Associate, National Institute for Fusion Science
2003, Visiting Researcher, Imperial College London
2004, Research Associate, Kyoto University
2012, Associate Professor, Osaka University
2015, Professor, Osaka University


Interactions between turbulence and particles


The understanding of particle transport phenomena in turbulence is rapidly developing thanks to sophisticated numerical schemes and large-scale supercomputers. We also conduct direct numerical simulations to understand various kinds of phenomena caused by the interaction between turbulence and particles. In this seminar, I will present our recent studies on (i) the clustering of small particles in developed turbulence (Oka and Goto 2021; Motoori, Wang, and Goto 2022) and (ii) turbulence modulation by finite-size solid spherical particles (Oka and Goto 2022). Concerning the first topic, we show the physical mechanism of inertial particle clustering, the size of which depends on the particles' velocity relaxation time, in high-Reynolds-number turbulence. For the second topic, we derive the condition for particles to attenuate turbulence in a periodic cube and the formula of its attenuation rate.

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