[Seminar] Direct numerical simulation of bubble-induced turbulence


Friday, November 26, 2021 - 17:30 to 18:30





Prof. Sergio Chibbaro / University Paris-Saclay


Direct numerical simulation of bubble-induced turbulence


We report on an investigation of bubble-induced turbulence. Bubbles of a size larger than the dissipative scale cannot be treated as pointwise inclusions, and generate important hydrodynamic fields in the carrier fluid when in motion. Furthermore, bubble motions may induce a collective agitation due to hydrodynamic interactions which display some turbulent-like features. We tackle this complex phenomenon numerically, performing direct numerical simulations with a volume-of-fluid method. In the first part of the work, we perform both two-dimensional and three-dimensional tests in order to determine appropriate numerical and physical parameters. We then carry out a highly resolved simulation of a three-dimensional bubble column, with a set-up and physical parameters similar to those used in laboratory experiments. This is the largest simulation attempted for such a configuration and is only possible thanks to adaptive grid refinement. Results are compared both with experiments and previous coarse-mesh numerical simulations. In particular, the one-point probability density function of the velocity fluctuations is in good agreement with experiments. The spectra of the kinetic energy show a clear k^-3 scaling. The mechanisms underlying the energy transfer and notably the possible presence of a cascade are unveiled by a local scale-by-scale analysis in physical space. The comparison with previous simulations indicates to what extent simulations not fully resolved may yet give correct results, from a statistical point of view.


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