Emergency Information

Illness or Injury


For ambulance or emergency medical care call the
Fire Department at 119.
The Fire Department can respond in English, Chinese, Korean, Spanish, or Portuguese.

If you are taken to a hospital and need an interpreter, call the
OIST Helpline at 098-966-8989
The OIST Helpline is available 24 hours a day.

To determine when you should call an ambulance, follow the guidelines published by Fire and Disaster Management Agency.

Non-Emergency Medical Care

Icon representing a general medical practioner, created by Gan Khoon Lay, from the Noun Project.

For routine or non-emergency medical care on the OIST campus, call the 
OIST Health Center at 098-966-8945 or health@oist.jp.


Call the Fire Department at 119.

Please see the Home Safety page for more information about preparations for the home.

Car accident or Crime

Call the Police at 110.

If you have had a traffic or car accident, follow directions on the Vehicle Safety page.

Read the Police page for more information about police stations in Okinawa.