VAE: Vires Acquirit Eundo

進むにつれて力を獲得していく: 東京大学ーOIST 共同シンポジウム

12 - 13 December, Okinawa, Japan
In the spirit of the recently signed MOU between the University of Tokyo and OIST Graduate University we will hold a small meeting between PIs from both institutions in order to get to know each other better and explore possible opportunities for collaboration and joint funding in a setting with low barriers.


Speakers and Presentation Titles

The University of Tokyo

Hiroaki Aihara, Faculty of Physics /  High-energy Physics, Particle Physics Experiment
Beauty of Symmetry and Symmetry Breaking


Osamu Nureki, Faculty of Bioscience / Biochemistry and Structural Biology
 Molecular mechanism of membrane transporters and CRISPR


Keisuke Goda,  Faculty of Chemistry / Photonics, Imaging, Spectroscopy, Biomedical Optics, Quantum Optics
 Extreme imaging and beyond


Masahito Ueda, Faculty of Physics / Cold Atom Theory, Superfluidity, Quantum Information, Measurement Theory
 Information, thermodynamics, and Maxwell's demon


Hiroo Fukuda, Faculty of Bioscience / Plant Physiology, Plant Developmental Biology
 Regulation of plant vascular cell differentiation


Hiroyuki Takeda, Faculty of Bioscience / Developmental genetics
 Prepatterning of Developmental Gene Expression in vertebrates - interplay between genetic and epigenetic regulations


Masaki Sano, Faculty of Physics / Physics of Living Matter and Out-of-Equilibrium Systems
 Universal Transition Routes to Turbulence in Simple and Complex Fluids


OIST Graduate University

George Iwama, Provost
Overview of OIST


Fadel Samatey, Trans-Membrane Trafficking Unit      
Could we specifically stop bacterial infections without killing them all ?


Bernd Kuhn, Optical Neuroimaging Unit
 Optical imaging of brain activity


Sile Nic Chormaic, Light-Matter Interactions Unit
 Light-Matter Interactions Research at OIST


Thomas Busch, Quantum Systems Unit
 Controlling and Engineering Quantum Systems


Hidetoshi Saze, Plant Epigenetics Unit
 Epigenetic regulation of genes and transposons in plants


Ichiro Masai, Developmental Neurobiology Unit
 Mechanism of vertebrate lens development


Eliot Fried, Mathematical Soft Matter Unit
Current research on fluids and other soft matter at OIST


*in  the order of  presentation