Virtual Reef Walks

UMI Reef Walks are approved until March 2021!

The intention is to take classes of school children to a nearby reef flat in Onna at low tide to explore this exciting ecosytem together, discover unknown creatures and understand the unique ecology and biology found here.

Until COVID restrictions are lifted, we are building Virtual Reef Walks by going out and collecting images and video footage. If you are a member of the OIST community and are cleared for fieldwork, you can sign up to be a Reef Ranger here.

We have built our first Virtual Reef Walk that can be viewed here where you can explore and complete a fun marine science quiz in english or japanese! We are still working on this formula and intend to build more comprehensive reef tours that cover more advanced scientific topics.

During this first Reef walk, the Reef Rangers also collected footage for an educational video. Find out more by following this link.