Seminar: "Rotation Sensing with Nuclear Spins in Diamond" by Dr. Andrey Jarmola


Friday, January 20, 2023 - 16:00 to 17:00




"Rotation Sensing with Nuclear Spins in Diamond"
by Andrey Jarmola, University of California, Berkeley


We demonstrate a solid-state rotation sensor based on the 14N nuclear spins intrinsic to nitrogen-vacancy (NV) color centers in diamond [1]. The operation of diamond rotation sensors are analogs of vapor-based NMR devices, constituting a scalable and miniaturizable solid-state platform, capable of operation in a broad range of environmental conditions. The sensor employs direct optical polarization and readout of the 14N nuclear spins and a radio-frequency double-quantum pulse protocol that monitors 14N nuclear spin precession. This measurement protocol suppresses the sensitivity to temperature variations in the 14N quadrupole splitting, and it does not require microwave pulses resonant with the NV electron spin transitions. The nuclear spin interferometric technique developed in this work may find application in solid-state frequency references and in extending tests of fundamental interactions at micro- and nanoscale to those involving nuclear spins. With further improvements, it may also find use in practical devices such as miniature diamond gyroscopes for navigational applications.


[1] A. Jarmola, S. Lourette, V. M. Acosta, A. G. Birdwell, P. Blümler, D. Budker, T. Ivanov, V. S. Malinovsky. Sci. Adv. 7, eabl3840 (2021)

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