Soccer Club

The beautiful game, in a beautiful setting.

The OIST Soccer Club has something for everyone! If you want to improve your skills with other OIST staff, we organize a weekly practice session (usually on Monday for an hour) followed by a kickaround which allows to put in practice what we learnt just before. It usually takes place at the indoor Akama Sports ground (time and location are announced on the mailing list) from 7pm to 9pm. You are also welcome to join the kickaround part only, as long as you let us know in advance. This is for organization purpose, as we need to know approximately the number of people interested in joining to decide whether to book a full or half court. To cover the cost of hiring the Akama ground there is a small fee (~300-400 yen per person) for participation.

For those who are interested in a more competitive game we also organize sessions every Friday with Onna FC team members, which also usually take place at Akama. This is a chance to get a good work out and test your skills with the friendly Onna-son group, in a fantastic indoor arena. The participation fee for the Friday game is usually also 300 yen per person.

Enquiries can be made to Club President Karim at, and to hear the latest announcements you can join the mailing list by subscribing to the OIST FC Google group.



Drills + Kickaround:

When: Usually Monday 7pm (time and location are confirmed on the mailing list)
Where: The Akama Sports ground* or occasionally Seaside House outdoor futsal pitch
What to bring: Sporty clothes, clean indoor sports shoes if at Akama.
Cost: ~300 yen at Akama, free if at Seaside House.

Training session with Onna-son team members

When: Every Friday 20:00-22:00

Where: The Akama Sports ground*
What to bring: Football training kit, clean indoor football boots (or other indoor sports shoes)
Cost: usually 300 yen

* If Akama is unavailable, an alternative location will be booked and announced on the mailing list.


Latest Posts

  • OIST FC vs Kadena High School

    On Saturday April 1st, OIST FC played a game against Kadena High School @Akama. The game ended with Kadena winning the game 4-2 with goals from Yuuki and Jerome for OIST FC. 

    Kick off by Yuuki.