OIST Football Club


The OIST Football Club has been around for pretty much as long as OIST itself. With 30 signed-up members and 20 of which regularly join the practice session, OIST-FC is one of the most active clubs at OIST.

Practice Sessions and Friendly Games

The club usually practices every Monday and Friday evening, from 19:45 to 21:45 at either the Akama Dome or the Ishikawa Indoor field. In order to cover the rental fee of those fields, we ask each participant to pay ¥300. If all fails, or if we feel like having a casual kickaround session while enjoying the sunset, the Seaside House netted football pitch is also available, free of charge.

Some "more serious" games are sometimes organized. Those are usually announced way ahead of the game day in order for the team to train properly (ex: positioning, tactics, etc...). Anyone is free to join these games, as long as they can fully commit to the training sessions and work with the team efficiently.

Interested in Joining OIST FC?

The club is currently managed by Yuuki Guzmán (yuuki.guzman@oist.jp) and Muhammad Hasan (muhammad.hasan@oist.jp). For any specific questions regarding the team, please contact them.

If you wish to receive updates on the time and locations of our practice sessions, you should probably connect to us on our Facebook Group. In addition, prior to joining a game, make sure to add yourself to our Google Spreadsheet so that we can keep track of our members and know how to organize the game in case a large number of people desire to play with us on a given day.


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