SAP Policy Regarding COVID-19 School Closures

SAP Services and COVID-19 related School Closures/


Please be advised of the School Age Programs’ policy regarding COVID-19 related school closures and access to After School and Holiday Program services.


The School Age Programs policy is as follows:


Beach Play permission form

Beach Play permission form ・ビーチ利用許可書

SAP and OIST Occupational Health and Safety Section have been working together to allow children to safely use the beach area outside the Seaside House.


We have put together a permission form for you to sign if you would like your children to be able to participate in beach clean-ups and play on the beach area.


The following safety criteria will be applied at all times:

Covid19 Guidelines for SAP

Covid19 Prevention Guidelines and Policies for SAP

[Updated 06/02/2020]

The Japanese Government as well as the Okinawa Prefectural Government have issued 'New Lifestyle' guildines. The School Age Program in conjunction with the Occupational Health and Safety Section and the COVID-19 Management Group have created a new set of policies to make sure that School Age Programs services are delivered in the safest possible environment for the children in our care.