Chris Chung

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Chris Chung
Postdoctoral Scholar
PhD University of Virginia, 2020

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  1. A Serre Presentation for the ıQuantum Covering Groups
    arXiv version
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    Let (U,Uı) be a quasi-split quantum symmetric pair of Kac-Moody type. The ıquantum group Uı admits a Serre presentation featuring the ı-Serre relations in terms of ı-divided powers. Generalizing this result, we give a Serre presentation Uπı of quantum symmetric pairs (Uπ,Uπı) for quantum covering algebras Uπ, which have an additional parameter π that specializes to the Lusztig quantum group when π=1 and quantum supergroups of anisotropic type when π=−1. We give a Serre presentation for Uπı, introducing the ıπ-Serre relations and ıπ-divided powers.

    • Quantum Supergroups VI: Roots of 1 (with Thomas Sale and Weiqiang Wang)
      Lett. Math. Phys. 109 (2019), pp. 2753–2777
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      A quantum covering group is an algebra with parameters q and π subject to π²=1, and it admits an integral form; it specializes to the usual quantum group at π=1 and to a quantum supergroup of anisotropic type at π=−1. In this paper we establish the Frobenius–Lusztig homomorphism and Lusztig–Steinberg tensor product theorem in the setting of quantum covering groups at roots of 1. The specialization of these constructions at π=1 recovers Lusztig’s constructions for quantum groups at roots of 1.