Fast imaging of individual impurities in an atomic gas - Dr Jinjin Du


Friday, January 6, 2023 - 10:00


A719 - Bottom of Lab 3


Fast imaging of individual impurities in an atomic gas


In general, single atoms or ions are detected by collecting the fluorescence or absorption of light by a strong optical closed transition driving. It is difficult for this method when optical transitions are weak or non-closed because of the very limited maximum number of the scattered photons. One of methods is taking use of an optical cavity to enhance the interaction between atoms and an optical light field. The method enables to realize the sensitivity of single-atom level, but the spatial resolution is greatly reduced. In this talk, I will mainly show the electromagnetically induced transparency (EIT) involving a Rydberg state is used for single-shot non-destructive imaging of individual impurities (ion or Rydberg atom) in an atomic gas. Well separated impurities are introduced to an atomic ensemble by the Rydberg excitations made in a deeply blockaded regime. By using the homodyne detection technique, it allows us to realize imaging in a single shot in only one microsecond. In next part of my talk, I will briefly introduce our study of telecom-wavelength spectra of a Rydberg state in a hot atomic vapor with a three-photon excitation scheme. This spectroscopic study paves the way for future experiments of making a direct link between fiber optics and radio transmission via Rydberg atoms.



Dr Jinjin Du, Research Fellow, National University of Singapore. He obtained his PhD in Physics from the Shanxi University in 2015. He is an experimental physicist in atomic physics and quantum optics and involved in building and working different cold atom systems, including cavity QED with trapped neutral atoms, optical waveguide (nanofiber and hollow core photonic crystal fiber) interfacing cold atoms and cold hybrid Rydberg-Ion atom system. His main research interests lie in Rydberg atom physics, cavity QED, and quantum optics.

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