Optimizing space and time overhead for fault-tolerant error correction


Monday, July 10, 2023 - 15:00 to 16:00




Title:  Optimizing space and time overhead for fault-tolerant error correction

Abstract: Fault-tolerant error correction (FTEC), a procedure which suppresses error propagation in a quantum circuit, is one of the most important components for building large-scale quantum computers. One well-known FTEC scheme is the Shor FTEC scheme which uses ancilla qubits prepared in the cat state and transversal gates in syndrome extraction circuits. The Shor FTEC scheme is applicable to any stabilizer code, but it involves repeated syndrome measurements which requires large time overhead. In this work, we develop an adaptive syndrome measurement technique which can potentially reduce the time overhead and increase fault-tolerant threshold, while is still applicable to any stabilizer code. We also show that the adaptive scheme can be used in combination with the flag technique, resulting in a FTEC protocol with smaller space and time overhead for various families of codes.
Based joint work with Balint Pato and Ken Brown (arXiv:2208.05601).

Biography: Theerapat is a Postdoctoral Associate of Prof. Ken Brown at Duke Quantum Center, Duke University. He received his PhD in Physics (Quantum Information) from University of Waterloo under supervision of Prof. Debbie Leung. His research focuses on developing fault-tolerant protocols for quantum error correction and computation.

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