Magnetic Raman spectra of quasi-one-dimensional frustrated antiferromagnets


Tuesday, November 21, 2023 - 13:30 to 14:30




Title: Magnetic Raman spectra of quasi-one-dimensional frustrated antiferromagnets

Abstract: Magnetic Raman spectroscopy is a promising method for the detection of the quasi-one-dimensional magnetic excitations of the anisotropic triangular Heisenberg antiferromagnet: the spinons and triplons. It is therefore potentially useful for invalidating those quantum spin liquid candidates that are incompatible with neutron scattering. We have derived a theory of magnetic Raman scattering in the quasi-one-dimensional antiferromagnets using first order perturbation theory from the two-spinon approximation on a single Heisenberg chain. Our theoretically calculated magnetic Raman spectra show excellent quantitative agreement without fitting parameters with the experimental data collected by K. Y. Choi et al. on the antiferromagnetic material Ca3ReO5Cl2.

Biography: Oliver Bellwood received his PhD from the University of Queensland under the supervision of Prof. Ben Powell and Dr. Henry Nourse in 2023. His research interests focus on low-dimensional quantum magnetism and quantum spin chains.

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