[Seminar] "One of the Biggest Mysteries in the Standard Model: Revealing Neutron Star Matter with Deep Learning" by Prof. Kenji Fukushima


Tuesday, October 15, 2019 - 13:00 to 14:00


Lab3 C700


Prof. Kenji Fukushima
University of Tokyo
The Standard Model describes four fundamental forces, among which the Strong Interaction explains the origin of the mass and the structure of nuclei.  The central core of nuclei is extremely dense.  In the Universe an even more dense state of matter is found inside of neutron stars.
The inner structure of neutron stars is dictated by properties of such dense nuclear matter. One may think that, in principle, the Standard Model can give us theoretical understanding of neutron stars, but knowing the theory does not necessarily mean knowing the answer. In this talk I will make a pedagogical overview of past and ongoing efforts to understand properties of dense nuclear matter, including recent attempts to extract useful information from neutron star observation. For one example, I will introduce our method using the deep machine learning.
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