Seminar "Breaking the rules: Alterations of gametogenic pathways in hybrid “asexual” vertebrates."


Friday, October 14, 2022 - 16:30 to 17:30


Seminar Room L4F01, Lab4-Level F / Zoom


Speaker: Dr. Dmitrij Dedukh, Institute of Animal Physiology and Genetics, CAS CZ, Libechov, Czech Republic

Title: Breaking the rules: Alterations of gametogenic pathways in hybrid “asexual” vertebrates.


Bisexual species rely on sexual reproduction as an almost universal feature of eukaryotes and includes the meiotic formation of reduced gametes, their merging and development of new (diploid) organisms. While the cellular and molecular machinery ensuring gametogenesis, recombination and fertilization is largely conserved, interspecific hybridization can disrupt gametogenesis causing sterility. Nevertheless, interspecific hybridization may also lead to a remarkable outcome, which evolved among many plant and animal groups, i.e. various types of "asexual" reproduction. Such “asexual” organisms allow to address fundamental questions about the persistence of sex in most eukaryotes and how cytogenetic and molecular pathways during gametogenesis switch in various “asexuals”. Here, I aim to describe and compare the various modes of “asexuality” in several selected "asexual" complexes, namely parthenogenesis in geckos, gynogenesis and hybridogenesis in freshwater loach fishes, and hybridogenesis in amphibians.


Dedukh D, Krasikova A. Delete and survive: Strategies of programmed genetic material elimination in eukaryotes. Biological reviews. 2021,

Dedukh D, Majtánová Z, Marta A, Pšenička M, Kotusz J, Klíma J, Juchno D, Boron A, Janko K. Parthenogenesis as a solution to hybrid sterility: The mechanistic basis of meiotic distortions in clonal and sterile hybrids. Genetics. 2020, 215(4):975-987,


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