Accepted students

There seems to have been a problem with my mail merge, and not everyone has received an invitation to join the course. If your name is on this list, please let me know as soon as possible (

Accepted students for OIBC2013


Barribeau, Seth
Blasi, Damián
Chelo, Ivo
Ellison, Christopher
Haber, Annat
Heilmann, Silja
Iranzo, Jaime
Kalla, Sara 
Kenkel, Carly
Kisel, Yael
Kremer, Colin
Levy, Sasha
Li, Yang
Maguire, Sean
McInnes, Lynsey
Morandin, Claire
Moreno Gamez, Stefany
Núñez Acosta, Elisa
Pantel, Jelena
Polato, Nicholas
Rennison, Diana
Rodriguez, Willy
Rytkonen, Kalle
Saslis-Lagoudakis, Haris
Stabell, Alex
Warren, Dan
Weiland, Claus
Wielgoss, Sébastien
Wright, April
Yen, Tso-Jung
Zhao, Serena