Travel & Accommodation


OIST will make your travel arrangements. If accepted, do not book any flights on your own.
No Currency Exchange Service available at either Naha airport or OIST. Money Exchange in your country or at major airports (Narita/Kansai/Nagoya) is strongly recommended, as there will be little time to exchange funds at a bank during the course.
ATMs and banks 
ATMs for credit card cashing are available in Naha Airport or nearby post offices/ some convenience stores. Please be advised that some credit cards might not work, so you are encouraged to bring an adequate supply of Japanese yen.
Average temperature around this time of the year is 22-29 Celsius. It can rain heavily sometimes and be very humid as May is rainy season.
OIST Workshops are usually performed in informal style (no suit and tie), thus please feel free to dress casually and travel light.
The AC outlet in Japan is 100 volt, and fits plugs with two parallel blades (Type A), like those used in the United States. Please check if the AC adapter of your laptop is compatible with Japanese style and bring a plug adapter or a voltage converter if necessary.
Facilities at OIST Seaside House (where you will be staying)
Internet: Wireless Internet available throughout campus. Wired LAN is available in guest rooms and the main seminar room.
Amenities: Shampoo and rinse, body soap, toothbrush set, hair dryer and room slippers.
Laundry rooms: equipped with washer-dryers, detergent and ironing board sets.
Phones: Public phone available in the lobby area. Calling card is required to make a domestic/international phone call. You may wish to purchase international calling cards at major airport as they are not provided at Seaside House. Some credit cards work by entering your credit card numbers and PIN code. Phone equipped in each guest room is for in-house calls only.