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International Workshop on Nonequilibrium Phenomena in Complex Quantum Systems: from Correlated Electrons to Mesoscopic Devices

Term of Course
April 23 - April 27, 2012
Application Deadline
February 29, 2012
OIST Seaside House
D. Konstantinov - Quantum Dynamics Unit, OIST
K. Kono – Low Temperature Physics Lab, RIKEN
J. Miller – Physics and Biology Unit, OIST
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This event continues a series of biannual international workshops on electrons on helium previously held in 2006, 2008 and 2010. The scope of 2012 Workshop will cover a variety of condensed-matter systems from 2D electrons on helium and in heterostructure, via electron and nuclear spins, to quantum mesoscopic devises. Different topics are unified by the complexity of quantum phenomena in these systems.

Selected experts will talk about modern research and state-of-art techniques in these fields, discuss prospects for quantum technologies and share their knowledge with workers from other fields. The broad topics discussed at this Workshop include:

  1. Radiation-induced phenomena: zero-resistance states, photovoltaic effects.
  2. Electron-spin resonance: spin on helium and in Si, atomic hydrogen, spin waves
  3. Qubit implementation: charge and spin qubits, artificial atoms
  4. Quantum engineering with mesoscopic devices: point contact and charge-coupled devices, circuit QED, quantum dots

Our aim is to involve very young researches into the discussions to give opportunity to learn from the experts and present their research results as short talks and posters. For this purpose, OIST Graduate University provides a limited number of student scholarships to support their attendance of the Workshop. To apply for this support, please go to the Application page to submit a CV and a one-page research abstract.

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