Quantum Technologies with Floating Charged Particles 2024
28-31 May 2024, Okinawa, Japan

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Monday 27 May /Seaside House

10:30- Arrival & Registration
19:30- Dinner* (Meal Box)   

*Dinner on May27 for people who stay at Seaside House.


Tuesday 28 May/Seaside House

8:50   OPPENING          
9:00   INVITED TALK Paul Leiderer   Surface electrons above solid substrates - a Review
9:45   INVITED TALK Maja  Cassidy   Mapping the growth of solid neon using multiplexed superconducting resonators
10:30   COFFEE        
11:00   INVITED TALK Dafei Jin   Noise spectrum and temperature dependance of electron-on-neon (eNe) charge qubits
11:45   INVITED TALK  Wei Guo   Ring quantum states of electrons on solid neon for quantum computing
12:30   LUNCH        
14:00   INVITED TALK Stephen  Lyon    Electrons bound to superfluid helium: physics and devices 





  Towards the strong coupling regime of cavity QED with electrons on helium
15:30   COFFEE        
16:00   INVITED TALK Mark Blumenthal    Single-electron pumping
16:45   INVITED TALK Alexei Chepelianskii   Magnetoplasmon and zero-resistance states
17:30   POSTER SESSION        
19:00   BUFFET DINNER        


Wednesday 29-May/Seaside House


9:00   INVITED TALK David  Rees   Scalable device architecture for electrons trapped on the surface of helium
9:45   CONTRIBUTED TALK Niyaz  Beysengulov   Towards coherence: control and readout of electrons on helium
10:15   COFFEE        
10:45   INVITED TALK Denis  Konstantinov   Rydberg states of trapped electrons for quantum computing
11:15   INVITED TALK Erika Kawakami   Coupling an esemble of electrons on liquid helium to an RF circuit
11:45   CONTRIBUTED TALK Mikhail Belianchikov   Rydberg state detection of electrons confined in microchanels
12:15   LUNCH        
14:00   CONTRIBUTED TALK Asher Jennings   Coupling plasmons on liquid helium to an LC resonator
14:30   CONTRIBUTED TALK Camille Mikolas   Plasmon mode engeneering and towards cQED with electrons on helium
15:00   CONTRIBUTED TALK Austin Schleusner   High-frequency dynamics of the liquid and solid phases of electrons on helium
15:30   COFFEE        
16:00   CONTRIBUTED TALK Bart Schellenberg    Levitated optomechanics for future precision measurements
16:30   CONTRIBUTED TALK Fabio Ansaloni   Hemetic packaging for cryogenic experiments
17:00   Poster session        
19:00   BUFFET DINNER        


Thursday 30-May/Seaside House

9:00   INVITED TALK Hartmut  Haeffner    Towards a trapped electron quantum computer
9:45   INVITED TALK Atsushi  Noguchi   Electrical detection of electrons in Paul trap with the coupled coaxial cavities 
10:30   COFFEE        
11:00   INVITED TALK Jose Verdu   Galiana    Trapped electrons for quantum microwave technology applications
11:45   INVITED TALK Ambarish Ghosh   Instabilities and electronic phase transtions within multielectron bubbles 
12:30   LUNCH    
14:00   INVITED TALK Michal  Hejduc    Electron-ion trapping for starters 
14:45   INVITED TALK Franz  Schmidt-Kaller   Manipulating free eV to keV electrons on a chip: from guides to beam splitters and resonators 
15:30   COFFEE        
19:00   WORKSHOP DINNER        


Friday, 31-May/OIST Main Campus B250

9:00   INVITED TALK Kimitoshi Kono   Ion pool trapped at the surface of superfluid helium
9:45   INVITED TALK Hiroki Ikegami   Topological properties of superfluid 3He studied by electron bubbles trapped at the surface
10:30   COFFEE        
11:00   LAB TOURS        
18:30   CLOSING SESSION Denis Konstantinov   Prospectives of floating electrons
19:00   BBQ DINNER        


Saturday, 1-June/Seaside House