Cerebellum Journal Club

The cerebellum journal club is a biweekly/monthly journal club on theoretical, computational, and experimental topics related to the cerebellum. At each journal club, one presenter gives a 30~45 minutes presentation on a paper, following by a short discussion on this paper. 

The journal club usually takes place at 4 pm on Tuesday. According to the OIST COVID policy, current presentations are organized using Zoom meetings.

We welcome everyone to present and/or discuss cerebellum related topics at the journal club. If you would like to give a presentation or join the discussion, please contact the organizer.


Weiliang Chen (w.chen@oist.jp)

Salvatore Lacava (salvatore.lacava@oist.jp)

Pre-2021 records

2021 schedule

Date Topic Presenter Unit Location
Jan. 26th Direct translation of climbing fiber burst-mediated sensory coding into post-synaptic Purkinje cell dendritic calcium Guo Da nRIM Zoom
Mar. 9th Cerebellar granule cells acquire a widespread predictive feedback signal during motor learning Christopher Roome ONU Zoom
Mar. 23rd Cortical Synaptic AMPA Receptor Plasticity during Motor Learning Sarah Yukie Nagasawa CNU Zoom
Apr. 20th Spatial and Temporal Locomotor Learning in Mouse Cerebellum Salvatore Lacava nRIM Zoom
Jul. 2nd Branch specific Dendritic Computation in a Purkinje Cell (CNS presentation trial) Gabriela Capo Rangel CNU Zoom