2022.6.30-7.3. We joined Neuro2022 in Okinawa! Thato gave a great talk in the symposium, and Yu-Ju & Yuta presented posters. The audience was so much impressed. Great job, everyone!

2022.6.3. Our new review paper is out in Current Opinion in Neurobiology! Huge congratulations to Miyu, Yu-Ju, and Josi! I am so proud of you!!

2022.5.15. Our rising star, Thato, had fruitful discussions with PM Kishida. Great job!

2022.4.1. Ai joined the unit! Her expertise in light and electron microscopy imaging is a valuable asset to the team. Welcome, Ai!

2022.3.14. Yuma received The Sasakawa Scientific Research Grant. Huge congrats to Yuma!

2022.2.17. Kaz served as a faculty panelist in OIST Inclusive Mentoring Mini-Symposium 2022.

2022.1.5. Memory Research Unit started Work-From-Home policy to protect the local community and ourselves. Everyone, please stay safe and healthy! 

2021.11.25. Our new review paper is out in Frontiers in Behavioral Neuroscience! Congratulations Thato for a series of remarkable achievements! 

2021.10.18. Thato passed the proposal defense exam! Congrats!!

2021.9.15. Bala and Stash joined the unit for their rotation studies. Welcome!

2021.8.25. Tomoka received Junior Investigator Poster Development Award from JNS!! Congratulations, you deserve it!!

2021.8.17. Reanna & Tomoka returned to the US for their studies. We look forward to having you back next year!

2021.7.31. Tomoka presented a poster at Japan Neuroscience Society Annual Meeting. Her poster had a large audience :)

2021.7.8. We have accepted a new research intern, Yuta Konno. Welcome!

2021.6.28. Tomoka got accepted to the Ph.D. program at OIST! Congratulations! We look forward to working with you again after your graduation.

2021.5.6. Yuma and Shuhei joined the team as rotation students. Welcome!

2021.4.16. Kaz gave a talk at Ryukyu University Medical School (Ishiuchi laboratory).

2021.4.6. Kazumasa Z. Tanaka received the Young Scientist Award from MEXT (Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology).

2021.4.1. We received Grant-in-Aid for Scientific Research (Kakenhi) (B).

2021.4.1. Kaoru Ohyama (Staff Scientist) joined the team! She adds another layer of multi-disciplinary approaches to our works. Welcome, Kaoru!

2021.3.20. Our review article is featured on the cover of Neuroscience Research (Vol. 165).

2021.3.17. So honored to receive Excellence in Mentoring Award 2021! Kaz will make continuous efforts to be a good mentor.

2021.3.3. Lorena passed the thesis proposal examination. Great job, Lorena!

2021.2.26. Miyu got accepted to the Ph.D. program at OIST! Congratulations and welcome again to the team!

2021.1.18. Rotation students joined the team. Welcome, Yu-Ju and Josefine!

2020.10.9. Miyu Nambu (Research Intern) joined the unit. Welcome!

2020.8.7. A perspective paper is published in Neuron.

2020.8.3. Tomoka Yoseyama (Research Intern), Thato Mokhothu (Ph.D. student), Keiko Nakamura (Research Unit Administrator), and Shuhei Hara (Gap Program student) joined the unit. Welcome, all!

2020.7.29. Kazumasa Z. Tanaka received the Young Investigator Award from the Japan Neuroscience Society.

2020.5.21. Memory Research Unit is rebooted! All unit members stayed safe & healthy during work-from-home.

2020.5.20. A review paper is published in Neuroscience Research.

2020.5.11. A Ph.D. student, Lorena Andreoli, formally joined the unit. Welcome, Lorena!

2020.4.1. Memory Research Unit is currently taking stay-at-home policy to protect the community from the COVID19 outbreak and lab members are working from home. We hope for your good health!

2020.3.19. Bench space will be ready soon!