2021.1.18. Rotation students joined the team. Welcome, Yu-Ju and Josefine!

2020.10.9. Miyu Nambu (Research Intern) joined the unit. Welcome!

2020.8.7. A perspective paper is published in Neuron.

2020.8.3. Tomoka Yoseyama (Research Intern), Thato Mokhothu (Ph.D. student), Keiko Nakamura (Research Unit Administrator), and Shuhei Hara (Gap Program student) joined the unit. Welcome, all!

2020.7.29. Kazumasa Z. Tanaka received the Young Investigator Award from the Japan Neuroscience Society.

2020.5.21. Memory Research Unit is rebooted! All unit members stayed safe & healthy during work-from-home.

2020.5.20. A review paper is published in Neuroscience Research.

2020.5.11. A Ph.D. student, Lorena Andreoli, formally joined the unit. Welcome, Lorena!

2020.4.1. Memory Research Unit is currently taking stay-at-home policy to protect the community from the COVID19 outbreak and lab members are working from home. We hope for your good health!

2020.3.19. Bench space will be ready soon!