Hiroki Takahashi, Project Manager

Assistant Professor
Experimental Quantum Information Physics Unit
Okinawa Institute of Science and Technology Graduate University (OIST)

MS, PhD, The University of Tokyo Formerly at the University of Sussex, the University of Tokyo and Osaka University

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About Experimental Quantum Information Physics Unit, OIST

Experimental Quantum Information Physics Unit Meeting

The Experimental Quantum Information Physics Unit carries out experimental studies on highly controllable quantum systems.
A particular research emphasis is put on the development of ion traps with optical interfaces mediated by single photons.

A single atomic ion is trapped inside a high-Q optical micro-resonator such that it strongly interacts with photons.
The unit investigates the novel physics of such strongly coupled quantum systems and harnesses the ion-photon interaction to create a functional quantum device for networked quantum information processing.

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Support Team

Project manager and his support team members

To provide an ideal research environment and to support Moonshot project, OIST has formed a project team to fully back up the project manager. The team helps to collaborate/communicate with JST and other project memebrs, and the PR of this project.