1. Algorithm Instantaneous_vel_V1.0_July_2020: Algorithm for the measurement of instantaneous velocity and average velocity for the path selected by user on a Kymograph. 

Developed by: Lokesh Agrawal (post-doc fellow) in the supervision of Prof. Marco Terenzio, Molecular neuroscience unit, Okinawa institute of science and Technology, Okinawa, Japan 

Link of publication: Emily M.F., Agrawal L., Barzaghi P., Otsuki M., Terenzio M. (2022) Use of Microfluidics Chambers to Image Axonal transport in Adult Sensory Neurons. In: Vagnoni A. (eds) Axonal Transport. Methods in Molecular Biology, vol 2431. Humana, New York, NY.

For further information, please go through the read me file.  Download software