OIST Light Music Club


Welcome to the OIST Light Music Club's Homepage!

Have an electric guitar or bass lying around?

Don't have amps or other equipment?

Want to try live band Karaoke?

Join the OIST Light Music Club!

This club aims to bring together musicians of many genres together to play together in bands.


Members of all levels and interests are accepted!

Any help needed regarding how to play instruments, finding other players to play with, and the club will support places to play the best we can through the club.

Regular practice will be held every other Tuesday at the conference center (OIST Auditorium).

For specific dates, make sure to join the Slack Channel available after signing up.


Registration is free and can be done by clicking Join in the side menu on the left.

(An OIST academic account is required)

Hope to see you soon!



If you are interested, please contact Ryo.Nakatani_at_OIST.JP for more information (replace _at_ with @).