Society for Neurodiversity

Our website is currently under construction and more content will come soon.


As the Society for Neurodiversity, we aim to:
raise awareness and spread knowledge about neurodiversity within OIST;
gain structure, and, therefore, more power, to better advocate for rights and adjustment;
create a safe space for neurodivergent individuals and allies, that will make them feel seen and supported.

While we are neither clinicians nor specialists, we intend to create a support network for neurodiverse members of the community - as neurodiverse students, ourselves.

We will continue to bring useful content for neurodivergent students and allies and will begin our activities somewhere between mid-January and mid-February 2023.


For now, you may look at this brief reading and audiovisual material:

What exactly is Neurodiversity?

What is Neurodiversity?

How to (Explain) ADHD

Autism story


If you have any concerns, suggestions or would like to get in touch, send an email to Juliana or Izabela.


See you soon!