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What would you EAT for a sustainable future? Plant-based food and the possibility

Throughout the world, vegan and plant-based cuisine has been attracting attention for its potential both as a developing market and as a sustainable choice. But what is driving all this interest and market growth? And what great vegan food can be enjoyed in Japan?

With over 10 years of experience in the field, Haruko Kawano of VegeProject Japan will tell us about global trends, the context of this rising demand, and how to incorporate veganism into our diets.

Climate change, environmental problems stretching from land to sea, and of course human health, peace, and animal welfare: the issues we face as a world are many. How do our food choices impact them, and what is the potential of vegan and plant-based diets? Let’s explore these questions together.

Founder and Representative Director of VegeProject Japan

When she was a Kyoto University student, Haruko Kawano founded VegeProject to add the first vegan options to their cafeterias. Now, she advises Tokyo and other cities on vegan-related matters, even speaking with the national government. She also collaborates with companies in the creation and promotion of vegan options. Her ideas to make vegan choices popular in Japan, such as the vegan certificate labeling and vegan maps have come true.

VegeProject is a non-profit organization working to increase vegan options in Japan. Their mission is to work in cooperation with companies, educational institutions, the government, and international organizations to create a society where plant-based options are always available. They run the vegan certification label, which is Japan’s most popular, create vegan maps, organize vegan-related events and so on.

Organized by OIST SDG Initiative and Food Services

Language: Japanese (simultaneous interpretation in English available)

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言語:日本語 (英語への同時通訳あり)

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