Public Buses

There are four main bus companies in Okinawa. Ordinary buses have route numbers, which are coordinated between companies (i.e. there is only one #86 bus line), so if you know the route number, you do not need to worry about getting on the wrong bus. The bus system may seem confusing at first, but once you get used to the bus lines, they can be quite convenient.

Transit Guide

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How to use the transit guide

How to Ride the Bus

Bus Companies in Okinawa

Ryukyu Bus (098) 863-2821
Okinawa Bus (098) 861-0385
Naha Bus (098) 868-7149
Toyo Bus (098) 867-2313

Further information on buses and bus routes can be found at:
(The public buses which stop at OIST are #20 and #120. It runs between Naha Airport and Nago-shi in the north. Also the Airport limousine bus “Basho/Cattleya” comes to the OIST campus.) For further information, please check:

OIST Shuttle Bus

OIST provides a free shuttle bus service between Ishikawa and Onna Campus. If you would like to use the shuttle bus service, you need to register in advance with the Facility Management Division. Please check the schedules on TIDA - Type in 'shuttle' in the search box at the left-top and click 'OIST Shuttle Bus' link that will appear as an auto-suggested keyword.

*This page requires users to log in with their OIST account info - for non-OIST account holders, check the below link for shuttle services that are available for external visitors

OIST shuttle bus service information for external visitors



Using a taxi is a convenient, but expensive way to get around in Okinawa. The initial fee is ¥500 for the first 1800 meters. Taxis can be easily found in resort or city areas. You can hail a taxi on the street or at a taxi stand. Please remember, the rear passenger doors are opened by the driver, and they will close automatically. It is not necessary to tip taxi drivers in Japan.

Okitoh Kotsu (沖東交通)

A taxi company with English speaking drivers
1730 Seragaki, Onna-son, Kunigami, Okinwa, Japan
TEL 098-966-2861; FAX 098-966-8141
English operator: Toll-free 0120-23-5477

Daiko Service

Daiko service is a substitute driving service. Drinking and driving is prohibited in Japan. If you drink and need a ride to take your car home, use this service. Two drivers with a car will come to pick you up. One of them drives you home in your car, and the other driver follows behind to pick up the first driver when you get to your destination.

You will see a Daiko Service list at restaurants that offer alcoholic drinks and at pubs. Please ask the establishment's staff to call Daiko Service for you or have a Japanese friend to do so. Remember, the punishment for drinking and driving is strict in Japan! If you drink, don’t drive; it you drive, don’t drink!