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Following are some resources that can be useful to plan your FW, but should not be limited to the following!
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Forms, Rules, and Compliance

Field Work related Rules, Manuals, and Handbook can be accessed from OHS Rules & Forms page

Okinawa and Japan

  • Okinawa Prefecture 沖縄県
    • Beware of Habu ハブに注意 (JPN) (ENG)
      • Annual Snake Bite Reports 毒蛇咬症 (JPN)
    • Beware of Dangerous Marine Organisms 海のキケン生物 (JPN) (ENG)
      • Annual Marine Animal Injury Reports ハブクラゲ等危害防止対策事業報告書 (JPN)
    • Beware of Bees ハチに注意 (JPN)
  • Onna Village Habu Captured 恩納村ハブ捕獲状況 (JPN)
  • Infectious Diseases, Okinawa Pref. 沖縄県感染症情報センター (JPN)
  • Medical institutions near OIST (OIST Health Center)
  • Living in Okinawa - Emergency (OIST Resource Center)
  • Prefectural Hospitals (includes other remote Okinawa islands) 沖縄県立病院 (JPN)
  • AED map 日本全国AEDマップ (JPN)
  • Rip Current Sites in Okinawa with Pictures リーフカレント注意海域を写真で見よう! (JPN) (ENG not available but still can be used)
  • Okinawa Prefectural Police - Safe Marine Leisure 沖縄県警察署 - 安全なマリンレジャー (JPN)
  • National Police Agency - Mountain and Water Accidents 警察庁 - 山岳遭難・水難 (JPN)
  • Bear sightings 熊の目撃・出没情報 (JPN)
  • National Parks of Japan 日本の国立公園 (JPN) (ENG)
  • Okinawa Parks (Quasi and Prefectural) 沖縄の自然公園 (JPN)
  • Wildlife in Japan 日本の野生生物 (JPN) (ENG)
  • River Foundation 河川財団 - River Incident Map 全国の水難事故マップ (JPN)
  • Okinawa Travel Brochure (multi-language)
  • Be.Okinawa
    • Enjoyable and Safe Okinawa (ENG)
    • Emergency (ENG)
    • Seasonal Climate and Clothing (ENG)

Weather & Environment

  • Japan Coast Guard 海上保安庁
    • MDA Situational Indication Linkages 海しる 海洋状況表示システム (JPN) (ENG)
      • New Developments in Japan’s Marine Information Management (ENG)
      • Real-time Web-GIS as part of Japan’s MDA (ENG)
  • Japan Meteorological Agency 気象庁 (JPN) (ENG)
    • JMA Okinawa Regional HD 沖縄気象台 (JPN)
    • Maritime Information and Communication System 海の安全情報 (JPN) (ENG)
    • Tide table 潮位表 (JPN)
    • Real-time and Analysis/Forecast 警報の危険度分布 (JPN) (ENG)
  • Japan Transport Safety Board 運輸安全委員会 (JPN) (ENG)
    • Japan Marine Accident Risk and Safety Information System 船舶事故ハザードマップ (JPN) (ENG)
  • Ministry of Environment 環境省
    • Heat Illness Prevention - Wet Bulb Globe Temperature (WBGT) 熱中症予防サイト - 暑さ指値 (JPN) (ENG)
    • Past Heat Risk Calendar 熱中症リスクカレンダー (JPN)
  • Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism 国土交通省 (JPN) (ENG)
    • Hazard Map ハザードマップポータルサイト (JPN)
  • Fire and Disaster Management Agency 総務省消防庁
    • Heatstroke Information 熱中症情報 (JPN)
  • Heat induced illnesses, ORCA Surveillance 日本医師会ORCA管理 (JPN)
  • National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) (ENG)
  • NOAA - National National Weather Service Safety Tips (ENG)
  • Center for Disease Control
    • Natural Disasters and Severe Weather (ENG)
    • Yellow Book 2020 - Chapter 3: Environmental Hazards & Other Noninfectious Health Risks (ENG)
  • Unites States Search and Rescue Task Force
    • Cold Water Survival (ENG)
  • Characteristics of winds on Okinawa Island throughout the year, for your safe marine activity (ENG)

Diseases (vector-borne)

  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Foodborne Illnesses and Germs (ENG)
    • Index of Water-Related Topics (ENG)
    • Vector-borne disease
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates (ENG)
    • Yellow Book 2020 - Chapter 4: Travel-Related Infectious Diseases (ENG)
  • Global Hydration
    • Common Waterborne Disease (ENG)
  • Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare 厚生労働省
    • Animal-derived infectious disease 動物由来感染症 (JPN)
    • Countermeasures for ticks and mitesマダニ対策、今できること(JPN)
    • Severe fever with thrombocytopenia syndrome 重症熱性血小板減少症候群 (SFTS) (JPN)
  • National Institute of Infectious Diseases, Japan 国立感染症研究所
    • Zoonosis 人獣共通感染症 (JPN)
  • World Health Organization
    • Vector-borne diseases (ENG)
    • Water-related diseases (ENG)
    • Zoonoses (ENG)

Traveling Overseas

  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs 外務省
    • Countries and Regions (JPN) (ENG)
    • Local health conditions (JPN) (ENG)
    • Overseas Travel Safety Information 危険情報 (JPN) (ENG)
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council 海外安全対策協議会
    • Country Search (ENG)
    • Travel Advisories (ENG)
  • Ministry of Labour, Health and Welfare 厚生労働省
    • Overseas infectious disease outbreak information 海外感染症発生情報 (JPN)
    • When traveling abroad 海外渡航にあたって (JPN)
    • Yellowcard 黄熱について(JPN)
  • World Health Organization
    • List of Countries Requiring Yellow Fever Vaccination (ENG)
    • Traveler Vaccination (ENG)
  • Center for Disease Control and Prevention
    • Travel (ENG)
    • Travel Health Notices (ENG)
    • Getting Sick after Travel (ENG)
    • Yellow Book 2020: Health Information for International Travel (ENG)
    • Yellow Fever Vaccination Certificates (ENG)

Embassy and Consulate General Offices

  • Japan Embassy and Consulate General Offices in the world - list (JPN)
  • Embassies & consulates around the world (ENG)

Books, Other Training, and Related Infos

  • Curtis, R. (2005). The Backpacker's Field Manual: a comprehensive guide to mastering backcountry skills. Three Rivers Press.
  • Schimelpfenig, T. (2016). NOLS Wilderness Medicine (6th ed.). Stackpole Books.
  • Wilderness Medicine Training Center (ENG) (JPN)
  • Wilderness Medical Associates International (ENG) (JPN)


  • Ordinance on Safety and Health of Work under High Pressure 高気圧作業安全衛生規則 (JPN1, JPN2) (ENG)
  • Natural Parks Act 自然公園法 (JPN) (ENG)
  • Urban Park Act 都市公園法 (JPN)
  • Foreign Exchange and Foreign Trade Act 外国為替及び外国貿易法 (JPN+ENG)
  • Convention of Biological Diversity (CBD) 生物の多様性に関する条約 (ENG)
  • Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora (CITES) 絶滅のおそれのある野生動植物の種の国際取引に関する条約(ENG)
  • Fishery Act 漁業法 (JPN+ENG)
  • Laws on Nature and Parks from Ministry of Environment 環境省法令・告示・通達 (JPN) (ENG - limited)
  • Wildlife Protection and Hunting Management Law 鳥獣保護管理法 (JPN) (ENG - summary)
  • List of tasks that require operation chief 免許・技能講習、特別教育が必要な業務一覧表 (JPN)