Police Stations/Police Boxes


In Japan, police operate out of large police stations as well as smaller police boxes called “koban”. If you want to report an accident, need directions, or have other emergency related questions, you can go to the “koban” for guidance. You can also report a loss or theft of an item, but some “koban”s are too small to obtain the necessary seals, so going to a regular police station is recommended. Police stations are also where you will need to go to update changes in Address: on a driver’s license or change a name after you are married.


There are many outdoor recreational facilities near OIST. Onna Seaside Civil Park, Nabee Beach features barbeque pits and beaches; Akama Sports Park holds multi-purpose sports grounds; Kenmin no Mori offers a playground, tennis courts, camping grounds, art gallery.

Onna Seaside Civil Park, Nabee Beach https://www.nabee.info/english/

Akama Sports Park  https://akama-kouen.com/  (Japanese only)

Kenmin no Mori https://kenminnomori.okinawa/ (Japanese only )