Information for Evacuation

Type of Disaster

土砂災害(どしゃさいがい)・・・sediment disaster


高潮(たかしお)・・・Storm surge

Type of sign

Temporary Evacuation Site(一時避難場所’いちじひなんばしょ’)

A place or facility is available for rapid evacuation when there is a potential threat to life due to a disaster. 
A temporary evacuation site functions as a gathering spot before evacuees move on to a longer-term facility. These sites or facilities are usually located in local neighborhoods, e.g., a nearby park.

Designated Evacuation Shelter(指定避難場所’していひなんばしょ’)/

Emergency Designated Evacuation Shelter(緊急指定避難場所’きんきゅうしていひなんばしょ’)

A facility for those people whose homes are structurally unsafe or threatened by a disaster, including a secondary disaster, within a few hours to several months. A big earthquake is likely to cause secondary disasters such as fires, landslides, tsunamis, soil liquefaction, etc., damaging houses, buildings, roads, bridges, powerlines, pipelines, etc. This facility accommodates such transient populations as travelers when a disaster occurs. The designated shelter is usually a gymnasium of an elementary school/a junior high school, or a community center.


 Welfare Evacuation Shelter(福祉避難所’ふくしひなんばしょ’)

Welfare evacuation shelter: a facility accepting elderly people and people with disabilities who are unlikely to stay in an ordinary shelter since they need assistance with activities of daily living and battier-free facilities. These shelters are made available if in demand.


Safety Guide in Okinawa

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