How To Help Our Beaches Clean

If you’d like to organize beach cleaning in Onna-son, you need to pick up the special volunteer bags from Shoko-Kankou-Ka(商工観光課:Commercial and Industrial Tourism Division)which is located on the second floor of the Onna Village Hall.

How to Separate Beach Trash

Please separate beach trash in the following 4 categories:


【Examples】  Clothes, diapers, food waste, plastic bottles, vinyl bags, disposable food trays, styrofoam, paper, plastic containers, CDs, DVDs, Videos
※    Please do NOT include anything natural on the beach such as driftwoods, grass, seaweed

Non-Burnable and Cans

【Examples】   Tin cans (paint, food, etc.), electric appliances, razors, bottle caps, frying pans, kettles, pots, nails, ceramic dishes and flower vases, lighters, mirrors
※ If possible, please wrap sharp items in paper

Glass Bottles

【Examples】   glass bottles (beer, wine, liquor), glass containers (jam, food)

Hazardous Materials

【Examples】  light bulbs, batteries, mercury thermometers, needles, syringes, ampoules

*Big trash that cannot be put in a bag can be left with other trash bags.

Where to Leave the Trash

Trash bags can be left on the sidewalk where a garbage truck can easily pick up. Please make sure not to block the sidewalk for pedestrians.

Arranging Garbage Collection

Please contact Onna Village Office for garbage collection (098-966-1205) and let them know where you leave the volunteer bags.