How to dispose of bulky waste - Onna village -

In Onna village there are 3 ways to dispose of bulky waste

  • Location:
  • Cost: FREE
  • Open hours: 8:30-16:30(closed between 12:00 and 13:00)
  • Phone: 098-972-6619
  • Note: Need to obtain a permission from Onna village office in advance

1. visit the village office with the bulky waste loaded in your car=>Show the following text to the officer there: "粗大ごみを中部北環境自己搬入するので、許可証の発行をお願いします。"

2. fill out a disposal application form and get a permission certificate

3. go to Okinawa Chubu-Kita environment

*the whole process can be processed in one day

Closed on Tuesdays, Fridays,* and New Year’s holiday (Jan 1st-3rd)

  • Phone: 098-965-6486
  • Notes: Normal waste such as combustible, incombustible, and recyclable waste cannot be disposed at this site

  • Cost

- Large item: 600JPY/item

Desk, cupboard, stereo system, couch, wardrobe, bed, TV board, etc.

*In principle, things whose volume is 1㎥+ and weight is 10kg+ are considered to be “large bulky waste”

- Small item: 300JPY/item

Child seat, tatami mat, CD player, vacuum cleaner, futon mat, microwave, chair, stove, tricycle, bicycle, electric fan, etc.

*In principle, things whose volume is less than 1㎥ and weight is less than 10kg

  • Collection days (vary depending on the area you live)
  • Nakama, Afuso, Kisenbaru, Seragaki, Ohta, and Onna area: 1st and 3rd Monday
  • Minami-Onna, Tancha, Fuchaku, Maeganeku, Nakadomari, Yamada, Shioya, Ukaji area: 2nd and 4th Monday

*If any of these Mondays falls on a bank holiday, it’ll be compensated with Tuesday

  • How to process the disposal
  1. Visit Onna village office to purchase a “bulky waste disposal ticket” and to arrange a collection date
  2. Stick the ticket on the waste and take the waste outside by 8:30am on the collection day


Other information

Air conditioners, TVs, refrigerators/freezers, and washing machines/dryers are specified as “designated home appliances” and are required to be recycled appropriately in accordance with the Home Appliance Recycling Law, and the cost for recycling process must be borne by the owner.

How to dispose of designated home appliances:

  1. Take a photo of the specifications of the appliance (model#, manufacturer, manufacture year etc. need to be presented in the next step)
  2. Visit a post office to purchase a “home appliance recycle ticket(家電リサイクル券)”
  3. Purchase a “bulky waste disposal ticket(粗大ごみ処理券)” at Onna village office, and arrange a collection day
  4. Stick both “home appliance recycle ticket” and “bulky waste disposal ticket” on the appliance
  5. Take the appliance outside by 8:30am on the collection day

  1. Contact ReNet Japan either via their online request form or by phone(0570-085-800) to request them to collect the computer
  2. Pack your computer in any box
  3. Sagawa Express will collect the box on a scheduled date

Once the disposal is complete, you will receive an email from ReNet Japan


Click here to download a printable information sheet