Car insurance agencies

Wiltec Okinawa


  • Phone Number: 098-936-2710

  • English-speaking inusurance agency

  • They come to OIST every Wednesday, between 11:00 - 15:00

  • They handle AIG and Chubb insurance

  • Please bring photocopy of your driver's license and car registration certificate (Shaken Certificate) 

Japan Insurance Net


  • You can apply via post, email or phone

  • Insurance policy is in Japanese but you can get a quote, and insurance contract outline in English

  • Online quote is available

  • They handle AIG and Tokyo Marine Nichido insurance

GEA Insurance

Payless motors

Far East Service KK

Insurance Makutuni



Resource Center can only provide information about Insurance agencies. We strongly recommend you to buy a insurance where you can directly speak to. If you would like to purchase a car insurance from the agency with no English speaking capability, please make sure you have access to your translator at all time. Resource Center does not provide tranlation services for puchasing insurance.