AC Cleaning

  • Neko no Te

       Price: 5,000JPY/AC

       Contact Resource Center to make an appointment


  •  Bilingual AC cleaning

       Price: 7,000JPY~

       Please contact the company directly


  • O.C.D. Okinawa Cleaning Dudes

      A.C Cleaning Price

      1 Unit = 8000yen

      2 Units = 14000yen

      6,000 yen Each if more than 3 units. (Price can change depending on size of Unit)

*A.C units that have automatic cleaning function cannot be accepted

Contact information:

Tel: 080-6499-2284



  •  Osouji honpo

       Price: 11,000JPY~

       The Resource Center can help you make an appointment

       Note: AC cleaning companies usually ask you following information:

       AC model, Function(auto cleaning service), etc