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*This time only!! Okinawan (Ryuukyuu) Traditional Dance Practice

Instructor biography

Sayuri Kinjo  

Instructor of Tamagusuku style Binfu- Rimi organization.

She was born in 1981 and began to learned Ryuukyuu dance at young ages from Rimi Ashitomi - the master of Tamagusuku style Shunpuu-Rimi organization.

She Mainly performance;

At National Theater Okinawa: “Summer Starlight TANABATA”

At Kariyushi Performing Arts; Ryuukyuu Opera “Chatan-Moushi”

At Gunsei(Muribushi) Theater Company: Performing Dance and playing character

Ryukyuu(Okinawan) Traditional dance

These classical dances was created duaring Ryukyuu kingdom era (around 14-18 centuries) to entertain the accredited chinese envoys. This time, you will learn how to use unique footwork, hand and hinger movements and hands waving. as well as miscellaneous dances performed by common people.

Participants will learn the unique footwork, hand and finger movements, and use of the hips.

What will you learn from this workshop

1)History of Ryuukyuu Traditional dance

2)Instructor will demonstrate some Ryuukyuu dances.

*Teaching how to move your foot to feel the rhythm of music.

3)You will learn how to dance some music  such as Hamachidori (浜千鳥)、Kachashii(カチャーシー)

*There have link for introduction videos above, Please confirm those videos.

4)If there has a plenty time, you can wear traditional Bingata costume by yourself and take pictures and videos.

5)Performance time (about 20 minutes)  for showing the result of training.

Class Details

Date|日程:P.M 2:00 ~ 4:00, Tuesday, 27th June

Place|開催場所: Village Center Meeting Room

Fee|参加費: For Student  500  JPY. 

                  For Non-Student   1,980  JPY

(Both of fees including costume rental fee)

CAPACITY|定員:10 people (First-come,first-served.)

*There are few spots available.

If you would like to join this practice, please submit application ASAP.

Please wear comfortable clothes to move around, sweat towel, water bottle and socks

*English/Japanese are Available as an interpriter will be there.


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