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Okinawan Traditional Tea Ceremony (Buku Buku tea)*Filled to Capacity

What is Buku-Buku tea 

Buku-buku tea is a traditional tea of Okinawa with a unique flavour with giant white bubbles rising from the tea bowl and the fragrance of roasted rice. By using a large wooden bowl called "Buku-Buku- Sara" and a large whist to make Buku-Buku tea. There are no rules such as how to make or drink this tea. Just enjoy Okinawan atmosphere. It was considered a summer drink for caring thirst; now, it is a drink in all seasons.Buku-Buku tea was consumed at celebrations, especially to celebrate the beginning of the journey.
It is entirely different from the Japanese Tea Ceremony called "Sado". This tea style belongs "Furicha" Group.(f.g Bata-Bata tea from Niigata, Bote-Bote tea from Shimane)



History of Buku Buku tea

Before the war, the upper-class families of some parts of Naha city drank Buku-Buku tea at Celebrations. Also, Buku-Buku tea was sold at street stalls, and everyone enjoyed this tea. However, when WW2 happened in Okinawa, all of this tea equipments were lost, and the tea was once disappeared. Fortunately, this tea equipment was found in Tokyo and returned to Okinawa in 1963. the movement to revive Buku-Buku tea began. After many years of research on how to make great Buku-Buku tea.
"Okinawan Traditional Buku-Buku Tea Preservation Organization" was established in 1992.


Details of Workshop

Date& Time: Friday, 25th August p.m 2:00~4:00

Venue: Ocean View Room

Capacity: 15 people (First-come,First-reserved)


        *Student/Intern  500 JPY

        *Non-Student     2,000 JPY

Please contact Rikako Kuwae and send an application email for a waiting list.