Cultural Activities

External Cultural Activities are on hold due to Covid-19.

Internal Cultural Activities and Classes

Sanshin Classes (Thursdays)

Satsuki Agena - Sensei

Satsuki was born and raised in Okinawa. She began learning to play the Sanshin at the age of 8. At the age of 16, She joined the Ryukyu Classical Music Preservation Nomura Style Association, and began to learn about Ryukyu classical music.

After graduating from a university in Okinawa, she went to Canada and recognized how wonderful Okinawan culture is. When she returned from Canada, her Sanshin journey commenced with her artist name “sanshinista” in January 2019. With her Sanshin, passed over from her grandfather and aunt, she seeks to share the fun and spread Okinawa's beautiful culture.

“Although my base is Ryukyu classical music, I always want to be open to new ways to inherit the tradition, not just stick with preservation. I will be so happy if I can bring joy to many people through my work.”



Grand Prize in the Performing Arts Contest for Sanshin — Okinawa Times

Sanshin Teaching Certificate — Ryukyu Classical Music Nomura Association

BA in Development Studies — University of Calgary

【Media appearances】

2019 FM Okinawa Radio program

2020 NHK Radio program

2020 NHK TV program

2020 NHK TV program

New Semester Starts Thursday, August 5th

Days: Thursdays in the Ocean View View Room

Thursday, August 5th
Thursday, August 12th
Thursday, August 19th
Thursday, August 26th
Thursday, September 2nd
Thursday, September 9th
Thursday, September 16th
Thursday, September 30th
Thursday, October 7th
Thursday, October 14th
Thursday, October 21st
Thursday, October 28th

Cost: Each class is 1,500 Yen.

          Total of 18,000 Yen for 12 classes.

You can pay each day you attend or all at once if you plan to attend all 12 sessions.

Please pay the instructor direclty. 

Lesson music sheets are included in the cost.

There are 4 Sanshins for rent (first come first served) 500 Yen each time you take the class.

Location: Village Center Ocean View Room

Session 1 -Beginners : Thursdays 6:30-7:30pm

Session 2 -Intermediate: Thursdays 7:45-8:45pm


"OIST Members Only.  All participants must wear masks, social distance, and use hand sanitizer before and after class."


Art From The Heart Children's Class (May and June)







Oksana Burduzan - Sensei

Oksana Burduzhan is a mother and an aspiring artist. Her passion and interest is in art, and her educational background is in Economics. The goal for this class is to help your child express his or herself through using colors. She will help your child access their inner world and show what is inside of their beautiful hearts. During the art sessions, she will provide all her knowledge and tools so that your children may better place the power of creativity in their hands using acrylic COLORS and modeling paste

Let`s have fun, creating and painting together!

All levels of artistic ability are welcome.

For cost and details, please visit the registration site.

Registration is open for 6 children.

Class Schedule Once a Week on Tuesdays

First four classes - Dates:

Tuesday, May 18 Conference Center Meeting Room 3 from 5:45-7:00pm
Tuesday, June 8 Conference Center Meeting Room 3 from 5:45-7:00pm
Tueasday, June 15 Conference Center Meeting Room 3 from 5:45-7:00pm
Tuesday, June 22 Conference Center Meeting Room 3 from 5:45-7:00pm

Cyanotype Workshop - Solar Prints (June)











Teacher: Juan Carlos Rodríguez Ogarrio

Photographer and researcher from the Autonomous University of Mexico City, UACM
He has 28 years of experience. He began working on photography before the digital era. He learned the analog techniques and worked reproducing paintings for professional catalogs. He specialized in lab printing techniques. Currently, he is a researcher in the Autonomous University of Mexico City, UACM and belongs to the Communication and Culture Academy. He is specialized in narratives and photobook solutions.

This workshop is open to 6 participants. If there are more than 6 people interested,  the teacher will host an additional workshop and a later time and date will be scheduled. 

  • Recovery fee for materials and tools: 2000 ¥ per person.
  • You will make 3 photographies and you will recevie 9 papers to print them.
  • The first group lesson will begin the weekend of
    •  June Friday 4, 11 and Saturday 12  - (1ST SESSION CLOSED)


  • June Friday 18, 25 and Saturday 26.