Kids Art Class "Art From The Heart"

Art From The Heart

Let your kid unleash their creativity with acryic paints! Acrylic painting is both an exciting and rewarding experience for kids. During sessions, your kid will learn the fundamentals of acrylic painting and create stunning works of art at the end of each session. This class is perfect for kids who are looking to begin their artistic journey and gain confidence in this form of creative expression. All levels of artistic abilities are welcome!

This class will be taught by Oksana Burduzhan, an aspiring artist and mother of two. Her passion and interest are in art, and her educational background is in Economics. Oksana will help your child access their inner world and show what is inside of their beautiful hearts. The partial profit (20%) will be donated to fundraising “Love and peace for Ukraine” to support people in need in Ukraine.

The kids will explore the following:

  • different color schemes and how to use a limited color palette
  • color mixing techniques, different painting techniques such as underpainting, washes, gradients, stippling and more
  • brush techniques like outlining, blending
  • different types of brushes and their purposes including round brush, flat brush, liner brush
  • modeling paste (to add texture and relief to paintings)
  • pouring mediums (abstract fluid art paintings)

Let`s have fun, creating and painting together!

Class Schedule:

Day: Tuesdays

Time: 6:00pm- 7:00pm

Location:Cafe private room

Details and class fee:

Monthy Fee is 6,000 Yen (This is prorated per class/ month 1,500 Yen)

Trial Session is 1,500 Yen

One time fee Starter Paint Kit for the regular attendance is 2,500 Yen

Please pay the instructor directly the first class of every month.


  • There is no refund if a class is missed.
  • Please inform your absent to the teacher at least 1 day prior to the session.
  • Please be sure to pick up your child right at 7pm. A late fee charge of 1,000 JPY per 15 minutes will be charged to you if you are late from picking up your child.    
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If you choose number 3 (trial session) please email to let her know what date you would like to attend.